Kernel-based performance

Security, Reliability, Simplicity, Performance.

Tunneling module

The tunneling module runs in the MTP OS kernel, which gives much more performance than other implementations running at the user level.

Algorithm of dynamic port switching in case of “hanging” session in Wide Area Networks (WAN).

It provides dynamic port change, which is a critical feature when working in congested communications environments.

Tunneling useful traffic

Tunneling useful traffic for layers of the OSI model: L2 (Ethernet) organization of the tunnel through any transport IP network.

Creating a monolithic link from multiple transport IP channels (subchannels) – summing up the bandwidth of the links.

Guaranteeing the order (sequence) of transmitted data packets, redundancy of communication channels.

Fragmentation algorithm

The algorithm of packet fragmentation of own design is designed to overcome anomalies in the transport WAN (Internet), or because of the deliberate blocking by transit operators of fragmented ip traffic to prevent the use of tunnels.

Fragmentation data are transmitted in the service fields of the MSTP tunnel header, about which transit routers know nothing and can not determine the presence of fragmented traffic and, accordingly, to prevent its proliferation.